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SHREE SCARFS is a brand of authentic Indian handmade mostly ecofriendly, fair trade scarfs supporting India's handloom and handicraft heritage. Shree Scarfs hand picks exclusive sustainable and ethically made scarfs from traditional craftsmen to whom the art has been passed as a heritage from their forefathers. Our pride lies in sharing textile stories of ancient hand weaving, hand dyeing, hand printing, and hand embroidery techniques where each color, each thread is laid individually. Fashion for us is to reinstall “purpose” by telling the story of each scarf showcasing the human dimension of artisan clothing. Thus Shree Scarfs are for people who are inimitable in their style and stand up for Who They Are ! .. a tender poetry on fabric, written with threads of life!! ….your second skin, defining you, your essence, …… SHREE is but “YOU”!!
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