• Influencer:We want to influence market trends. Act as a hub for entrepreneurship and as a platform for promotion, support, launch and development of brands and new concepts in fashion and lifestyle
  • Community:We want to strengthen THE SPOT MARKET community. Position ourselves as a true partner for the brands, with a distinctive concept focused on the promotion and regular support of emerging businesses, ensuring contact between online stores and the customers in physical or virtual (online) environment, with a close relationship with exhibitors, brands and the public.
  • Local and National Support, without exclusion:We support local and national production, but we also value other appealing foreign brands and concepts. We like diversity.
  • Know-how and Experience:We want to distinguish ourselves by the know-how and accumulated experience in organizing and promoting THE SPOT MARKET in physical and online editions.
  • Quality:We select brands by reference to demanding requirements, presentation, quality of the products, ethics and correction. We want happy, friendly and positive participants who share our values, energy and passion for markets, local commerce and entrepreneurship.
  • Loyalty with space for rotation:We love to repeat faces and exhibitors, but there is room for rotation and novelty. We privilege loyalty, but we are not locked. We are flexible and in THE SPOT MARKET there will always be space for new brands and exhibitors
  • Conscious consumption:We want to contribute to circular economy and we value conscious, sustained and informed consumption
  • Ethics, Transparency and Interaction :We like transparency, we value ethics, correction and interaction in relationships with exhibitors, public, suppliers and third parties.